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Pictures, videos, podcasts, custom flags, apparel, written word...You're life has just gotten 10x better for finding this site. Whether you're in the flag football community or not, I promise that you will be entertained with all that follows.

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My mom says this is the greatest podcast ever!!!

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World Cup of Flag 2018

Female Division

Male Division

The Full C$M AFFL Experience

A behind the scenes look at Church's Money's journey through the American Flag Football League this summer...

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Not your average blog...

Completely real reviews (really...)

The Rhode Island Raw Dawgs — Denver, CO


"We're not gonna say all the championships were because of the flags...but they were because of the flags"

Ricky Bobby — Kansas City, MO


"Ever since ordering my first set of flags from GF, I've been getting more work than a Mexican in front of Home Depot"

Anonymous — New York, New York


"There are two things I love in life: Cocaine and Gridiron Flags. Not sure which I've spent more money on"

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